Want to Store Your Crypto Safely and Profitably? Do This
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Want to Store Your Crypto Safely and Profitably? Do This

These days the crypto markets are incredibly volatile, but there’s a way to reduce your risk close to zero, while still making a steady profit. Regardless of whether the market fully recovers or sinks in value, an interest-bearing wallet will provide a reliable return. 

The primary advantages of a crypto wallet that generates interest on savings plans are that it exposes you to almost zero risk, while providing an effortless passive profit that can be well above a hundred times higher than the returns offered by a traditional bank.

Generating a lot of buzz right now,  ArbiSmart  is an interest-bearing wallet and financial services ecosystem that’s breaking fresh ground with its innovative services, ease-of-use and unique profit-boosting features. Let’s take a closer look:

Secure and Trusted 

A recent article by Kryptomonitor, the German news and analysis provider pointed to ArbiSmart as a major contributor to the restoration of investor faith in crypto in the wake of the FTX collapse. Established in 2019, ArbiSmart, is an EU authorized project with a stellar online reputation for reliability, consistent profit generation, strict regulatory compliance, external oversight, accessible, informed support services and no history of security breaches.

Steady, Industry-high Profits

While safety of funds is critical in today’s crypto climate, another huge factor for crypto owners is profitability. ArbiSmart offers the highest returns of any legitimate industry competitor, with interest rates reaching over 140% a year, regardless of market trajectory. 

The exact amount that you will earn depends on your account level which is based on how much RBIS, the native token,  you own. You can earn interest without owning any RBIS at all but the more you hold the higher your account status and the bigger your APY. 

Exceptional User-friendliness

Another major ArbiSmart advantage is that opening a savings plan is quick and easy. It requires no complex understanding of crypto or blockchain and is simple to set up.

You just register with the platform and then deposit funds in your favorite FIAT and cryptocurrency. To increase your profits, you can purchase RBIS through the RBIS management page in the dashboard, with just a click or two. 

Next, pick the currency and the length of the plan.. You will earn higher rates the longer the plan duration. Now, decide how you wish to receive your daily interest. Lastly, choose an amount to lock in your savings balance and you’re done.

A Rich Array of Lucrative Features

The ArbiSmart wallet also sets itself apart with some unique features designed to increase your profits:

1- The currency purchase program offers discounts on crypto and FIAT purchases of between 10% and 50%.  
For example, if you buy $200 worth of BTC with a 20% discount. You will pay $160 but receive the full $200 worth of BTC at the end of the vesting period. 
When you pick a currency to buy, the dashboard will show the terms that need to be met to receive each discount percentage. These include the length of the vesting period, the amount of currency you are buying and whether you choose to also lock a specific amount of RBIS until the vesting period ends. 

2 – The ArbiSmart wallet offers a loyalty reward for renewing savings plans. 
In the last 90 days before your savings plan expires, you can extend the plan for the same period again and receive a reward of up to 10% of the initial interest rate. For example, if you had a 2-year plan that earned 30% interest and you extend, then you will receive 33% on the renewed plan.

3- The referral program offers daily commissions reaching up to 10% of the friend’s interest. 
For every referred friend that locks funds in a wallet savings plan, and earns daily interest, you will receive a daily commission of up to 10% for the entire duration of their savings plan.

A Strengthening Native Token 

The ArbiSmart wallet and ecosystem is powered by the RBIS token which crypto analysts project will rise to over 900% by April 2023. The supply is restricted, permanently capped at 450M RBIS, while demand for the token is increasing as more incentives are being provided for RBIS ownership. 

One reason for the anticipated rise in token value is that in H1 2023 ArbiSmart will be introducing a series of new RBIS utilities, all of which will require token ownership. These will include a professional crypto exchange, an NFT marketplace, and a DeFi protocol offering yield farming services with original gamification features.

Sign up with ArbiSmart, place funds in a long-term wallet savings plan within 3 days of this article going live, and get 30% extra in your balance. Details will be visible in the dashboard after registration. Claim your bonus now!

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