Volcan Forged: A beginner’s guide to the community-based blockchain gaming ecosystem
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Volcan Forged: A beginner’s guide to the community-based blockchain gaming ecosystem

What is Vulcan Forged (PYR)?

Blockchain gaming is once again on the rise due to cryptocurrency’s newest reward system, called play-to-earn (P2E). By merging nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and metaverse projects like The Sandbox, blockchain gaming has opened the way for consumers to earn crypto while playing.

Vulcan Forged is a blockchain-based play-to-earn crypto game created by gamers for gamers. The game is based on an Ethereum blockchain that makes its games, incubates decentralized applications (DApps), supports third-party game creators and facilitates NFT trading for its native ecosystem.

Gamers are rewarded with Vulcan Forged’s native token, called PYR, which can also be used to pay fees for marketplace settlement. Vulcan Forged’s most popular game (out of a library of eight P2E video games) is VulcanVerse, where players can buy and upgrade land and earn NFTs.

This article will deep dive into the Vulcan Forged community-based blockchain gaming ecosystem and answer various questions like how Vulcan Forged works as well as how to play, buy Vulcan Forged (PYR) and make money while doing so.

The VulcanVerse: How to play Vulcan Forged

The VulcanVerse is a fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) in which users can purchase and possess land plots. Land parcels in the form of NFTs are available on parts of the map. To level up in this virtual world, Vulcan Forged users can unlock additional features and tools, as well as gather Vulcanites (pet collectibles) and earn passive income by staking.

Land, Vulcanites, Gods and Items are the major assets that can be owned, with additional kinds of assets in development. The marketplace, which has risen to the top 5 NFT marketplaces across all blockchains, may be used to buy and sell these assets. 

Vulcan forged marketplace

You can build your quests and adventures in VulcanVerse, scavenge for NFTs and fight other Vulcanites. VulcanVerse features its own currency, PYR, which may be used for staking, settlement and gaming purposes.


Plots of land within the VulcanVerse can be purchased, exchanged and constructed. Each plot has its NFT ID, which allows it to be accessed in-game. These plots are divided into four quadrants, each with its attributes and characteristics.

Four quadrants of land in the VulcanVerse

The Underworld of Hades, the Gardens of Arcadia, the Desert of Notus and the Mountains of Boreas are four quadrants of land. The neutral territory where these quadrants meet lies in Vulcan City.

Vulcan City and four quadrants of land in the VulcanVerse

Each plot of land can be renovated and built in any way that the owner sees fit. Players who own land are given items with which to build and tools to terramorph by VulcanVerse. Each plot of land can also be scaled up to gain access to more assets and passively generate PYR.


The VulcanVerse’s primary creatures are Vulcanites. The player is accompanied by these fearsome monsters during their trip in VulcanVerse. Each of them is distinct and has abilities that can be enhanced. 

VulcanVerse’s lore describes these creatures, from demons to sabretooth tigers, minotaurs to dryads, and mammoths. Vulcanites can be used to:

  • Fight for you,
  • Find rare and intriguing goods and relics,
  • Gather NFTs for you,
  • Engage in espionage in the hopes of uncovering blueprints for your project,
  • Defend your plot against opposing Vulcanites seeking to spy on your plans, and
  • Play other games and DApps in the Vulcan Forged ecosystem, such as Forge Arena and Berserk.
Vulcanites in the VulcanVerse

There are now 28 Vulcanites in the Vulcan Forged ecosystem. It’s crucial to know the level and edition of each vulcanite. The level denotes their skill boundaries, while the edition denotes the number of Vulcanites available globally.

Gods: Titans and Olympians

Based on Greco-Roman mythology, Gods and Titans can be found within VulcanVerse. These gods are not depicted as being physically in the game. But according to lore, they can bestow a variety of benefits and abilities on players.

The appearance and level of these Titans and Olympians can vary as they progress. Because of this, Titans and Olympians are called dynamic NFTs. As a child, they will all start at level 1 and by locking PYR into them, they can be leveled up.


Another type of NFT in the Vulcan Forged play-to-earn reward system are available in-game Items, which will provide players with perks and skills to help them flourish in the VulcanVerse.

These items can be foraged, purchased and traded as well. For example, the Binding Spell of Typhon can be combined with The Winged Boots of Hermes, which offers a speed boost in-game or other things to reward you with Vulcanite.

How does Vulcan Forged work? 

PYR is Vulcan Forged’s native ERC20 token, which players can use for a variety of purposes in the VulcanVerse, including gaming, staking, settlements and purchasing assets on the marketplace, gaming pools, earning P2E benefits and launchpads for DeFi games.

PYR is a cross-platform utility token that gamers may use while playing Vulcan Forged games. Both the Ethereum and Polygon mainnets support PYR. Even though Vulcan Forged began on Ethereum, most of its functionality is based on the Polygon blockchain.

Winning tournaments, converting LAVA from playing games, selling NFTs and allocating their Land as a portal are all ways to acquire the PYR token. The Vulcan Forged ecosystem’s secondary token, the LAVA token, can be used by users to gain LAVA by staking PYR and participating in Vulcan Forged games. LAVA can also be used as an in-game currency to build on land plots and upgrade NFTs. There will also be PYR airdrops and other goodies available.

How to buy Vulcan Forged (PYR) 

You can buy PYR from exchanges like Coinbase and Binance. To invest in Vulcan Forged, you need to have an account with the exchange of your choice and then fund your account using various fiat currencies with a credit or debit card. 

Follow the steps below to buy PYR on Coinbase.

  • Download Coinbase wallet.
  • Choose a username for your Coinbase wallet.
  • For a self-custody wallet, you create a recovery phrase (of 12 random words).
  • Set aside some money to pay the ETH fees.
  • Buy ETH and transfer it to Coinbase wallet.
  • In the trade tab, use ETH to buy PYR.

To buy PYR on the Binance exchange, follow the steps below.

  • After creating an account on Binance.com, fund your account.
  • Find PYR using the “buy” tab to complete the purchase transaction.
  • Store your PYR tokens securely by using the wallet of your choice.

It is important to note that the U.S.-based Binance exchange does not allow citizens to buy PYR.

Should you invest in Vulcan Forged (PYR)?

Whether you want to invest in PYR or any other cryptocurrencies, you should conduct proper due diligence on the project before committing any funds. Crypto markets are volatile, entail market and smart contract risk, and are subject to hacking crimes.

For instance, Vulcan Forged suffered a security breach on Dec. 13, 2021, in which 96 high-value wallets on the site were hacked. The hacker made off with 4.5 million PYR tokens, which he then sold on cryptocurrency platforms.

Therefore, you need to be cautious before buying any crypto or NFT assets. Never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

How to earn money in Vulcan Forged

Each gaming element in VulcanVerse has a specific application related to PYR and the LAVA tokens. This results in a system where participants are rewarded with tokens at every step of Vulcan Forged gameplay. 

Rewards can be earned through:

  • Fighting another player,
  • Befriending a user,
  • Roaming the map,
  • Hunting for things, 
  • Finishing a mission and
  • Simply capturing screenshots of one’s area.

In addition, the LAVA Appreciation Program allows players to earn LAVA by holding PYR tokens. Users who have PYR in their Vulcan Forged marketplace wallet are the only ones who are eligible for the appreciation program. The program is divided into eight stages, each awarding LAVA based on the number of PYR tokens possessed.

For example, Cedalion Gem (Tier 8) rewards PYR holders (those with more than 50,001 PYR tokens) with 450 LAVA per day, while Basic Gem (Tier 1) rewards users (with 1000 to 2000 PYR tokens) with three LAVA per day.

Can you stake Vulcan Forged (PYR)?

PYR is the native digital crypto coin that drives the VulcanVerse economy. Together with its blockchain partner Polygon, Vulcan Forged designed this ERC20 token meticulously. PYR enables users of the VulcanVerse game to profit from their good deeds, hence, significantly increasing their involvement in this cryptocurrency game.

Staking PYR into various in-game assets is a more profitable P2E option. This method soft-locks the tokens to improve gameplay functionality and special rights. Various ways of staking PYR tokens include:

  • Land Elevation (where each plot has seven levels),
  • Harvesting seeds in exchange for special items from Vulcan’s Vault, 
  • Offering liquidity using PYR staking programs, and
  • Staking the (reward) pool.

Vulcan Forged instructions to upgrade the land

There are two ways for leveling up land through staking:

  • The land must be SOWN first, which needs to be done once. Land can be seeded and sold for a buyer to avoid paying the fee before leveling it. Once a piece of land has been planted, it will never be un-sown.
  • Second, there is a 20-day waiting time until it becomes available for leveling up. You must stake the requisite PYR inside the land to upgrade it. The plot will instantly drop level if PYR is removed.
Sowing cost vs. Staking in Vulcan Forged

PYR can be unstaked at any moment and restored to the plot owner. However, the seeding investment will be lost, and the LAVA will be burned. Before unstaking, consider your options wisely. So, how do I figure out what percentage of the PYR land staking pool I own?

Over 48 months, Vulcan will allocate 10 million PYR to the PYR staking rewards pool. Staking earnings will be proportional to each user’s relative spending/contribution. If a user does not continue to engage, the token payouts will be diluted over time. Your MyForge account will be credited with rewards every month.

MyForge is an online account with a secret pin, and an email address with no Know Your Customer requirements. Users may examine their wallets and addresses, manage in-game products, track their activities, visit the marketplace and stake assets with a MyForge account.


VulcanDEX is the first decentralized gaming token exchange that can be used to play, trade, stake and earn in the Vulcan Forged ecosystem. Users of the gaming platform can trade any game token without registering on the decentralized exchange (DEX), and players can use their newly gained tokens in their respective games.

Users will also be able to stake gaming tokens to facilitate VulcanDEX exchanges, with payouts based on their share of specific liquidity pools. Furthermore, in-game assets can be farmed in the form of NFTs on VulcanDEX, resulting in a dynamic economy involving numerous prominent blockchain-based gaming ecosystems.

The utility token PYR, which is the backbone of the VulcanForged gaming environment, also powers VulcanDEX. In addition to other gaming tokens, players can stake PYR in the DEX, get incentives and stake it in pools.

The future of Vulcan Forged

Given its recent success, it’s no wonder that Vulcan Forged is in this pioneering position in the MMORPG domain. This is due to several positive developments by the Vulcan Forged team, including the acquisition of intellectual property rights for iconic pieces of art to be incorporated into their main in-game realm, the VulcanVerse.

With such continual efforts to upgrade the game, Vulcan Forged may keep its promising position among other games like Decentraland, Illuvium, etc

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