Smart-contract platform partners with cryptocurrency ATM company for better crypto accessibility

Smart-contract platform partners with cryptocurrency ATM company for better crypto accessibility

Cryptocurrencies, especially altcoins that aren’t sitting in the top 10 by market cap, still aren’t easily accessible to the public, leading to the emergence of new cryptocurrency ATMs.

Smart-contract platform partners with cryptocurrency ATM company for better crypto accessibility


Although cryptocurrencies are gaining public attention, whether it’s the European Union finalizing its Markets in Crypto-Assets (MiCA) regulation or memecoins rallying for 3,000% gains, one major concern remains: they are not easily accessible to the public. Recognizing this, Bitcoin ATMs have emerged as a solution to bridge the gap between traditional financial systems and the world of digital currencies. These ATMs offer a tangible and convenient way for individuals to buy or sell cryptocurrencies, especially for those who face barriers to accessing online exchanges or traditional banking services.

With a Bitcoin ATM, users can interact with physical machines similar to the process of a traditional ATM, in a process that is more familiar to the average person. Unlike the nuances of online exchange and digital wallets, users can make a purchase with a bank card, where they receive a QR code that holds the key to their tokens. However, as they are currently set up, Bitcoin and now more generalized cryptocurrency ATMs face limitations in terms of the number of available locations and the availability of altcoins that aren’t ranked in the top 10. For context, many ATMs only support well-established currencies like Bitcoin 



, Litecoin 


$78.13, Ether ETH$1,749 or Binance Coin BNB$236.

Number of ATMs supporting various cryptocurrencies. Source: Coin ATM Radar

The lack of variety and convenience for users is a challenge for the industry, as many altcoins outside of the top 10 offer solutions to the challenges faced by leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. For instance, some altcoins employ alternative consensus mechanisms that require significantly less energy compared to the proof-of-work (PoW) algorithm used by Bitcoin, making them more environmentally friendly. Others prioritize enhanced security measures, implementing advanced encryption techniques and robust network protocols to guard against potential vulnerabilities. 


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Therefore, while Bitcoin ATMs play a crucial role in the accessibility of cryptocurrencies, it is important to note that these machines typically offer support for Bitcoin alone, limiting the exposure and convenience of users to the larger industry movement and their participation in other currency projects.

Simplifying purchases

Many of the more modern cryptocurrency networks are now working with established Bitcoin ATM companies to remove accessibility barriers for users. In many cases, these ATMs allow users to convert fiat currency to their network’s currency on the spot, and even allow users to purchase cryptocurrencies directly using their bank payment cards. This feature eliminates the need for extensive verification processes and complicated account setups commonly found on online exchanges. By leveraging their existing bank cards, users can effortlessly purchase digital tokens and participate in the crypto market without the hassle of going through lengthy registration procedures.

In certain countries, Bitcoin ATM users can even take advantage of voucher programs that offer a convenient alternative to the traditional Know Your Customer (KYC) process. These voucher programs allow users to top up their digital wallets without the need for extensive verification of personal information.

Seamless interaction

One of these strategic partnerships is the recently announced effort between Callisto Network, a smart contract platform based on a proof-of-work blockchain, and Bitcoinmat, a prominent crypto ATM company operating in Central and Southern Europe. 

Commenting on the announcement, Callisto Network CSO Karel Fillner shared:

“The collaboration with Bitcoinmat is a testament to our dedication to broadening the reach of CLO and making it readily accessible. This is not just an achievement for Callisto Network, but a stride forward for the entire crypto industry in bridging the gap between digital and traditional financial ecosystems.”

Source: Callisto Network 

For Callisto Network, this partnership will bring it one step closer to achieving widespread adoption of its native cryptocurrency CLO through increased accessibility. Additionally, for new and existing Callisto Network users, the collaboration represents a single stepping stone to a world of opportunity, as they can now use Bitcoinmat’s user-friendly ATMs to interact with their favorite digital assets. Bitcoinmat currently operates 60 ATMs in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Greece, with more locations on the roadmap.

To stay informed, the Callisto Network community can read the latest information, insights and announcements directly from the company.

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