New crypto index platform makes cryptocurrency investing easier for novices and professionals
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New crypto index platform makes cryptocurrency investing easier for novices and professionals

Investing has always been an important tool for boosting financial success, especially as inflation increases, and it becomes harder for people around the world to make ends meet. By adopting even a beginner investment strategy, many have found a solution to stay ahead of rising costs and build their wealth over time. Now, with the introduction of the cryptocurrency market, some investors have shown just how life-changing a small investment can make, as larger fluctuations generate higher profits and 24/7 operation times pave the way to a level of flexibility and convenience for those that work a nine-to-five job.

Moreover, the barriers to entry are also reduced, as altcoins and fractional ownership enable people of all income levels to participate. With the potential for high returns, cryptocurrency investments can offer a new path to financial freedom and security. The decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies provides a sense of control over one’s investments, allowing individuals to take ownership of their financial future.

With the continuous surge in growth, the number of individuals participating in the crypto market has surpassed 300 million, and some projections suggest that this figure could exceed 1 billion by 2030. However, many of these users are novice retail investors venturing into the crypto market for the first time. While they are trying to grasp the fundamentals of this market, their lack of experience can result in unfavorable outcomes. Despite the substantial expansion of the market over the past half-decade, most retail investors have incurred losses due to their limited understanding of the market.

To address this problem, comprehensive investment solutions are becoming necessary to help beginners understand the cryptocurrency market and reduce risks as much as possible. With the introduction of these tools, experts believe beginners will become comfortable with this market, and mainstream cryptocurrency adoption will ensue.

Eliminating the risks

While the need for these solutions is clear, such investment tools, including index investing, are only available for the already knowledgeable investor. In contrast, these tools are readily available in traditional markets, where they are popular among users as accessible tools for financial planning. One of these examples is indexes.

Investing in indexes can be a smart strategy for those looking to minimize risk and maximize returns. Rather than buying individual stocks or assets, an index investment provides exposure to a basket of assets, spreading out risk across a diversified portfolio. This can be particularly beneficial for beginner investors who may not have the expertise or time to closely monitor and manage their investments. Additionally, investing in indexes has been shown to provide better long-term returns than active management funds or individual stock picking.

Leading organizations in the crypto space are now looking at different variations of an index, which may include features such as rebalancing and asset tracking that make it accessible to users in just a few clicks. With regular rebalancing, the composition of the index is periodically adjusted to reflect changes in the cryptocurrency market. These minor adjustments help to ensure that the index remains aligned with the overall market trends and can potentially improve returns by capturing gains in rising markets and minimizing losses in falling markets.

The second feature, asset tracking, is another important feature for a cryptocurrency index fund, as it allows investors to easily monitor the performance of their portfolio and make informed decisions about when to buy or sell assets. A good index fund may also provide access to detailed market analysis and research, helping investors to stay up-to-date on the developments in the cryptocurrency space. Competitive offerings will also need to include low fees, easy access through a user-friendly platform, and strong security measures to protect investors’ assets in alignment with traditional investment products.

A user-friendly alternative

One of the providers bringing a portfolio of useful features to life is J’JO, an intuitive and user-friendly platform for investing in cryptocurrency. With J’JO, investors can invest in a specially created cryptocurrency index based on the principles of the CSi30 index, launched in 2017. However, rather than taking the money in management, investments are made via the client’s crypto exchange with the help of API keys. It is entirely up to the account user to select which connections they want to use from one of the top-10 crypto exchanges, including Binance, Coinbase and Huobi, among others.

Source: J‘JO

Source: J’JO

According to the J‘JO team, “investing in indexes eliminates the risks of losing funds associated with purchasing one or more assets. Even the most successful investors stick to index investing, for example, Warren Buffett. For decades, indexes have been giving their investors revenue higher than 95% of traders and active management funds while relieving them from constant decision-making in the market.” 

J’JO has all the necessary licenses and registrations to operate globally, making the platform available in over 200 countries. In addition, the service has no hidden fees or interest from investors’ profits. For users with deposits under $500, J’JO doesn’t charge any fees and investors can use the platform with no limitations on functionality. If the deposit is over $500, it’s possible to use the service for a subscription that costs only $14.99.

What’s more, J’JO offers a user-friendly, intuitive interface that helps users invest in the specially created JJ035 cryptocurrency index in just five minutes. This index is based on the principles of the CSi30 index, launched in 2017. The index offers automatic rebalancing and asset tracking, available to all users in just a couple of clicks. This approach allows the regular user to enter a new environment, regardless of their level of experience, providing risk reduction through crypto asset diversification.

Source: J’JO

Source: J’JO

Final thoughts

Investing in cryptocurrencies is a new avenue for building wealth and achieving financial freedom. With its potential for high returns and 24/7 operation times, the cryptocurrency market has opened doors for investors of all income levels. However, with the risk of losses due to a lack of experience, comprehensive investment solutions are becoming necessary to help beginners understand the market and minimize risks. Investing in indexes is a smart strategy for minimizing risk and maximizing returns, and leading organizations in the crypto space are now looking at different variations of an index that provide accessible tools for financial planning.

J’JO is one of the providers leading the charge in this direction, offering a user-friendly platform for investing in cryptocurrency. With low barriers to entry, a simple and intuitive interface, and licenses and registrations to operate globally, J’JO provides investors with a smart and risk-minimizing alternative to investing in individual cryptocurrencies. As cryptocurrency adoption continues to grow, solutions like J’JO will play a crucial role in helping investors achieve financial success and security in this exciting new market.

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