Is Web3 like playing Minecraft?
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Is Web3 like playing Minecraft?

What is Web3?

Web3 may feel like hype but will most likely be the newest version of the internet.

Web3 is a buzzword lately, especially for those who are interested in technology, blockchain technology and crypto. It’s going to be the future of the internet, where we all are going to take part in. Even though we’re used to buying, watching and finding everything online, there’s one thing we can’t do at the moment: taking the lead.

Giants like Google, Meta and Amazon are ruling the online world right now, but they’re excited for the new making its appearance. Alphabet Inc. CEO Sundar Pichai tells in a Bloomberg interview he’s “watching the blockchain space and looking at how Google’s parent company can add value to development of the technology that’s being embraced by many of his Silicon Valley peers.”

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Web3 vs. Minecraft

Web3 enables the newest version of Minecraft and will upgrade the gamer experience.

So, we know now what Web3 is, but what’s the difference between Web3 and Minecraft? And, how is it connected to the Metaverse? Web3 is the newer version of the internet, where everything is more connected and decentralized — just like the already existing Minecraft worlds. Minecraft is an adventurous game with endless possibilities, where you can build and explore the ever-changing landscape.

The evolution of Minecraft could easily be described as a transformation from building blocks on your own computer to building blocks for the Metaverse. In March 2022, Minecraft launched a new blockchain layer which is mindblowing news for all the fans. It allows players to access Web3 features in a play-to-earn (P2E) kind of way, as they can purchase items for their Minecraft world. The combination of Minecraft and nonfungible tokens (NFTs) even got a catchy name: NFT Worlds.

With NFT Worlds, Minecraft enters the world of third-party servers. NFT Worlds is built on a Polygon-based layer, so all users get access to the Web3 functionalities. The in-game experience can be made more compelling by purchasing items on the online shop. You’re no longer paying with United States dollar or euro because $WRLD ERC-20 tokens are here to let you play the game.


How does Web3 work?

Web3 puts major companies like Meta out of business and gives every user rights to develop the next big thing together. Decentralization and the combination of humans and machines will be the heart of the Web3 projects.

There is a reason for users’ passive participation: We’re still busy trying to get the biggest part of the pie. But now, Web3 is in the pipeline. This is going to change radically. In the upcoming years, there’s going to be a shift from tech giants who are “the boss” to individuals who are taking the lead.

When the development of Web3 is concluded and if you’re working within IT, blockchain or crypto space, you’re working on it too, we’re all going to be the boss. Data is going to be stored in a decentralized manner and everyone and everything will be connected. It offers opportunities and has risks at the same time. Think about privacy and compliance risks, smart contract hacks and rug pulls. Greater control requires greater responsibility.

Cryptocurrency, NFTs, smart contracts and blockchain technology will be essential in the upcoming Web3. Smart contracts are fully digital contracts and they will take the lead in a secure and automated online environment. Machine learning, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things will also have a seat at the table, so you can imagine what kind of revolution this will have on us as daily users of the internet.


How will Web3 change our lives?

Web3 will make our online lives more personalized and more secure and will vouch for a better experience.

It’s important to know that Web3 will have to communicate intelligently with people and with machines and data. Software must be able to process information conceptually and contextually. But, in which ways are you going to explore the differences between Web2 and Web3? What is the point of web 3.0?


So, in summary, it will be more user-oriented and accessible, like playing Minecraft. Say what? What’s Minecraft got to do with it? Aren’t little kids playing Minecraft?


The Minecraft Metaverse?

Minecraft not only enables P2E and enters the world of Web3 gaming. It also is taking the first steps in the Metaverse.

The Metaverse is a network of all kinds of 3D virtual worlds. NFT Worlds is enabling the Metaverse experience, which is what makes NFT collectors, Metaverse fanatics and enthusiastic gamers happier.

NFT Worlds is not only an endless universe of different Minecraft worlds, but it’s also a way to earn money while gaming. It’s called play-to-earn and essentially, you’re earning tokens while playing the game. With these tokens, you can buy NFTs and even collect them if you like. After the decentralized finance (DeFi) boom in 2020 and the NFT rise in 2021, Web3 gaming may be the newest trend for 2022.

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How to use Minecraft to understand Web3?

Minecraft makes the transition from analog block building to an immersive gaming experience rather easy and playful.

Users can turn the Minecraft experience into whatever they want it to be. They can play, create, socialize and invest. For everyone who wants to hop on the Web3 train and explore the opportunities of the Metaverse can start by playing the game in a 3D world.

It goes without saying that if you’re familiar with Minecraft or even the concept of online gaming in general, you can imagine how to build and play in one or more virtual worlds. This Minecraft universe, especially with the newest addition of the NFTs, is like the portal to the Metaverse. Build blocks in the Minecraft worlds and continue to build blocks — on the blockchain — in NFT Worlds

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