How blockchain is reshaping the entertainment industry — Q&A with EarnTV

How blockchain is reshaping the entertainment industry — Q&A with EarnTV

Television will no longer be a one-way street but a dynamic and immersive experience that reflects users’ desires and interests.

How blockchain is reshaping the entertainment industry — Q&A with EarnTV


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In the ever-evolving landscape of entertainment, the convergence of watch-to-earn and blockchain technology is reshaping the way users consume and engage with media content. This dynamic fusion offers a range of possibilities, from rewarding viewers for their time spent watching to creating transparent and decentralized ecosystems.

These opportunities inspired Pascal Vallat, a seasoned professional in marketing and digital media to create EarnTV, a platform that aims to revolutionize the way users consume and engage with media content.

In this interview, Vallat explained his view on how blockchain can transform the entertainment industry and create new opportunities for viewers, content creators and stakeholders alike.

Cointelegraph: Can you start by sharing your journey in the digital media and linear television industry, and how it influenced your decision to start EarnTV?

Pascal Vallat: With 20 years of experience in marketing, data, television and digital media, I have seen the industry evolve firsthand. The rise of streaming and the growing demand for personalized content inspired me to create EarnTV. I saw an opportunity to improve the viewing experience, reward viewers and empower content creators through blockchain and Web3 technologies. EarnTV is my vision to bridge the gap between viewers, content owners and advertisers, creating a fair and rewarding ecosystem for all.

CT: How would you describe the shift from traditional models to Web3 and blockchain technologies in the media and entertainment industry?

PV: The shift from traditional models to Web3 and blockchain technologies is transformative. It brings transparency, decentralization and new opportunities for producers, rights holders, top studios and viewers. Blockchain ensures immutable records, while smart contracts enable fair distribution of rewards and tokenization unlocks new forms of value exchange. This shift empowers individuals, removes intermediaries, and enables direct engagement between creators and consumers. It opens the door to innovative monetization models, personalized experiences, and a more inclusive media and entertainment landscape.

CT: Could you explain how the EarnTV platform leverages blockchain technology to transform the viewing experience for users?

PV: EarnTV leverages blockchain to transform the viewing experience in several ways. First, it enables secure and transparent transactions through smart contracts, ensuring a fair distribution of rewards to viewers. Second, the decentralized nature of blockchain eliminates intermediaries, reducing costs and increasing revenue opportunities for content creators. Third, tokenization allows viewers to earn rewards simply by watching content, creating a seamless and engaging experience. Finally, blockchain enables the creation of the ETV token, which unlocks additional benefits for viewing, liking, sharing content, inviting friends and generating value within the EarnTV ecosystem.

Source: EarnTV

Source: EarnTV


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CT: You recently announced the ETV token presales. Can you tell us more about this and what it means for the future of EarnTV?

PV: The ETV token presales mark an important milestone for EarnTV and its future. The ETV token serves as a utility token within our ecosystem, allowing users to earn rewards, access exclusive content and engage with the platform. By participating in the presales, supporters can acquire ETV tokens at an early stage and benefit from potential future appreciation. These funds will fuel the development of EarnTV, allowing us to enhance the platform, expand partnerships and deliver an innovative entertainment experience.

CT: Can you explain the concept of Watch to Earn? How does this offering set EarnTV apart from other platforms?

PV: Watch to Earn is a core concept of EarnTV that sets us apart from other platforms. Simply put, viewers are rewarded with ETV tokens for the time they spend watching movies, TV shows and premium fast channels. This innovative approach recognizes the value of viewers’ attention and turns it into tangible rewards. Unlike traditional platforms, EarnTV directly benefits its users, creating an engaging and rewarding ecosystem that incentivizes viewing and fosters a strong community of content enthusiasts. We launched EarnTV on all devices with 2,000 hours of content and 200 premium fast channels. Time spent watching content is rewarded with the ETV utility token.

CT: What is the ETV NFT Movie Club? Can you explain how it works and the benefits for viewers?

PV: The ETV NFT Movie Club is an exciting feature of EarnTV. It offers viewers exclusive access to curated movie experiences and avant-premiere screenings through nonfungible tokens (NFTs). Members of the ETV NFT Movie Club can get early access to highly anticipated films and engage in immersive movie-related experiences. By participating in the club, viewers gain privileges and become part of an exclusive community of film enthusiasts. It’s a way for us to reward our users with memorable cinematic experiences and foster a deeper connection with the entertainment industry.

CT: What are some of the key challenges you’ve faced in deploying a blockchain-based video content delivery protocol, and how have you overcome them?

PV: Implementing a blockchain-based video content delivery protocol has its challenges. One of the key challenges is scalability, ensuring that the platform can handle a large number of concurrent users and deliver a seamless streaming experience. We’ve addressed this by leveraging scalable blockchain solutions and optimizing our infrastructure for high-performance delivery.

Another challenge is user adoption and education. To overcome this, we’ve focused on providing an easy-to-use interface and educating our community about the benefits and features of blockchain technology, building trust and fostering engagement. The benefits of decentralized storage are also part of our value proposition to all rights holders who want to join our content fandom.

CT: Given the dynamic nature of the industry, how do you see the future of EarnTV and the role of blockchain technology in media and entertainment?

PV: The future of EarnTV is bright, driven by our commitment to innovation and the transformative potential of blockchain technology. We envision EarnTV empowering viewers, content owners and advertisers alike, and becoming the leading cross-platform video content delivery protocol.

Blockchain technology will continue to play a central role in ensuring transparency, trust and fair rewards within the ecosystem. As the media and entertainment industry evolves, we will adapt by introducing new features, expanding partnerships and pioneering new ways to enhance the viewing experience while remaining at the forefront of blockchain adoption.

CT: Finally, could you share any upcoming features or plans that users should look forward to on EarnTV?

PV: Users can look forward to the launch of our decentralized hub, which will give content owners more control and monetization options. We’re also expanding our partnership network to offer a wider range of content, ensuring a diverse and engaging selection for our viewers. In addition, we’re working to introduce innovative features such as interactive NFT experiences and enhanced social features to foster a vibrant community within EarnTV.

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